About ECOmaps

ECOmaps is a European web mapping service and database, displaying the most sustainable, ecological and healthiest options in a certain location, area or city. The information includes services, restaurants, organic and bio shops, fair trade brands, local markets, organizations and other entities that promote respect and care for nature and society, while supporting local economies. Furthermore, by being an open source project, it would allow information to be updated regularly by anyone, anytime.

The project was primarily conceived to help people find the most eco-friendly places of their surroundings, which can be very useful for travellers or whoever wants to get to know better their cities from a green and sustainable perspective. However, ECOmaps also intends to provide a strong educational component and be as inclusive as possible, to attract new targets and to encourage and educate people who are usually out of the environmental and social scope.

ECOmaps is kindly supported by the sub-granting mechanism of CONCORD-EYD2015 Civil Society Alliance.

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Mapping platforms are thriving on the Internet. They are intuitive, useful and they can help to build economies or mobilize people towards civic engagement. People can easily access them to identify problems in their surroundings, or to share or find specific locations.

Inspired by success stories like Wikipedia, Khan Academy or Linux, we wanted to provide an open-source platform available to everyone free of charge, in which information must be as well, easily updated and reviewed one a volunteer basis, by anyone, anywhere at any time.

We believe that people pursue their own interests because of the sense of community and altruism, but also due to a search for a common purpose and identity. Next to that, we also see that the Internet took a huge leap, going from a mere tool of communication, consumption, and entertainment, to become an increasingly open tool, where people are collaborating globally. We expect that our platform will grow upon these two notions of volunteering and online engagement. So we may foster community development and collectivism, as fundamental to cohesive society that thrives for environmental & social justice, fundamental human rights and well-being. Hopefully through a large-scale cooperation with other NGOs, Naturefriends groups and individuals we may trigger an eco-consciousness in our citizens.

ECOmaps development team

Henrique Goncalves (henrique@iynf.org)

Web development
Baptiste Darthenay (baptiste.darthenay@gmail.com)

Web design
Marion Bonnouvrier (contact@breaxz.com)

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