Philipp Schäfer


Philipp Schäfer


I was born in 1992 and grew up in a village near Karlsruhe, which is a town in the south-west of Germany near the border to France. Now I live on the outskirts of Karlsruhe. After my vocational training I left my parents’ house and soon I missed the homemade food of my mother. After I got familiar with cooking for myself, I wanted to buy more regional and biological food. So I started researching on the internet. I soon found mapping services or lists of places where you can buy sustainable produced food. But often the maps had no entries for my region or the lists were outdated. Therefore I really thought it would be difficult to change the way I buy food and beverages. But then at an IYNF event I heard about the ECOmaps projects and thought that’s really what you wish to have already had available on the internet before. That really gave me a lot of new motivation. The work on ECOmaps has already changed my everyday life. I hope that ECOmaps never gets outdated and that many of the people, who like the project, will participate in the future.

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